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What types of fabric can I process with Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:16:26+00:00

So far, we have processed a lot of different fabrics from natural, blends or synthetics from very light to heavy fabrics.

What fabric weight can be used on the Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:16:20+00:00

The Swift-Jet has been used to successfully pre-treat fabrics ranging from 30 to 450 gsm.

Which digital print technologies can the Swift-Jet be used for?2019-03-06T20:16:10+00:00

Swift-Jet has been used to pre-treat fabric for reactive, pigments and latex printing; all with excellent results.

At what speed can the Swift-Jet be run, and what is the production rate?2019-03-06T20:16:04+00:00

It depends on the printing method and the volume applied of the pre-treatment. Please contact us for further information.

What chemicals do I need to apply to the fabric?2019-03-06T20:15:58+00:00

There are different pre-treatments available for the different printing method.

How do I thread the fabric through the Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:15:52+00:00

For the first time you do it manually and subsequently you just sew the next fabric to the one which is in the machine.

Is the shipment complete or do I need to provide any additional equipment?2019-03-06T20:15:45+00:00

There are 2 types of Swift-Jet available for in-line or off-line. If you want to use the unit in-line please contact us regarding the interface to your printer. For off-line application the Swift-Jet comes with an unwinding and winding section.

Is the Swift-Jet difficult to operate?2019-03-06T20:15:36+00:00

The Swift-Jet is very easy to operate. You just enter the required liquid volume per square meter and press start.

Is a regular service needed by Technijet Digital?2019-03-06T20:15:29+00:00

No, but we are here to help you if you have any trouble.

What is the size of the Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:15:21+00:00

The in-line size is around 300 x 208 x 210cm (Width x Lengths x Height). The off-line size is approximately about 150 cm longer, with the unwinding and winding unit to the basic machine’s size.

What space do I need to install the Swift-Jet machine?2019-03-06T20:15:15+00:00

We recommend to have 5 x 5 meter space when you working with the unwinding and winding section.

What power connection do I need to provide to connect the Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:15:08+00:00

3 x 380V-415V 50 HZ (65 amps)

What is the power consumption?2019-03-06T20:14:55+00:00

16 kW/h

What air pressure do I need to provide to connect the Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:14:48+00:00

6.5 bar regulated

What fresh water pressure do I need to provide to connect to the Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:14:42+00:00

3 bar regulated

What is the water consumption?2019-03-06T20:14:37+00:00

Very low, the fresh water is only used to cool the heat-exchangers and routine cleaning

Do I need to provide a waste water connection to run the Swift-Jet?2019-03-06T20:14:31+00:00


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