Constant coating with contactless technology

Application rates are uniformly controlled with the ability for fine level adjustments.

How does it work?

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How Does it Work?

1 Cleaning the fabric

Swift-Jet cleans the fabric using Rotovac prior to treatment.
It’s proven that using Rotovac technology can reduce printing faults by 70 – 80%. Using it before pre-coating for digital printing can achieve the same improvements in quality.
As the fabric enters into Swift-Jet it passes through a Rotovac system specifically developed for this process, to ensure the fabric surface is free from loose lint and dust.

2 Spray coating

The fabric moves into the spray application area for the pre-coating.
Spray application is through a combination of high pressure mechanically atomised spray nozzles. This applies a controlled and consistent coating to the surface. The application rate is fully variable by pressure, flow, and variable application speeds.
As the coating solution is delivered through a series of high pressure pumps and controls, it allows for optimum performance backed up by its own bespoke application software.

3 Drying

The fabric enters the Infra-red drying zone, which is also a stop and start process. A highly efficient drying operation containing variable infra-red wave lengths, high volume air impingement and vacuum extraction.
This matches perfectly to the application rates ensuring energy consumption is minimised whilst maximising performance and process control.
The drying system is extremely efficient through its unique design, it offers the ultimate in fabric output control, monitoring and delivering fabric to the next stage of the process with the requested and recorded moisture levels.

4 Ready for printing

After cleaning, the fabric has been coated and dried without any surface contact. It is now in the optimum condition for digital printing.

5 Software Control

Swift-Jet’s dedicated operating software offers the optimum in machine and performance control at all stages of the process.
The software offers full control and repeatability over every step of the process, not only ensuring each process step is undertaken correctly but also recording every detail. The Swift-Jet software offers the user ultimate machine control and recipe creation, opening up new variables for fabric preparation and digital print machine performance too.


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    Constant coating with contactless technology

    Application rates are uniformly controlled with the ability for fine level adjustments.

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